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MODIS/VIIRS Land Product Subsets

The MODIS/VIIRS Subsetting and Visualization services at ORNL DAAC provide user-defined subsets of selected MODIS and VIIRS Land Products at a scale useful for field researchers in easy-to-use formats.

Subsetting Tools

Users can request subsets for any location using the Global Tool or use the Web Service to obtain subsets in real time. Pre-processes subsets are also available for 2000+ sites worldwide using the Fixed Sites Tool. To learn more about these tools, go to Get Data.


A table of available products and MODIS grid in sinusoidal projection is included. For more resources and information, go to Documentation.

Updates ORNL DAAC MODIS Updates RSS Feed

2018-07-26 - MODIS/Aqua Net Evapotranspiration MYD16A2 product is now available for order from the Global Subsets Tool and the REST API. The data has been reprocessed to fix an issue with the initial release of the product.
2018-06-26 - Two VIIRS products - VNP09H1 (surface reflectance) and VNP15A2H (leaf area index/fraction of photosynthetically active radiation) - are now available via the Global Subsets Tool.
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