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MODIS/VIIRS Land Product Subsets

The MODIS/VIIRS Subsetting and Visualization services at ORNL DAAC provide user-defined subsets of selected MODIS and VIIRS Land Products at a scale useful for field researchers in easy-to-use formats.

Subsetting Tools

Users can request subsets for any location using the Global Tool or use the Web Service to obtain subsets in real time. Pre-processes subsets are also available for 2000+ sites worldwide using the Fixed Sites Tool. To learn more about these tools, go to Get Data.


A table of available products and MODIS grid in sinusoidal projection is included. For more resources and information, go to Documentation.

Updates ORNL DAAC MODIS Updates RSS Feed

2018-06-26 - Two VIIRS products - VNP09H1 (surface reflectance) and VNP15A2H (leaf area index/fraction of photosynthetically active radiation) - are now available via the Global Subsets Tool.
2018-06-26 - MODIS/Terra Net Evapotranspiration data product MOD16A2 is now available via the Fixed Sites Subsets Tool. The tool provides customized subsets and visualizations of several MODIS Collection 6 land products for selected field and flux tower sites around the world.
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